I currently have acne not horrible but that is because I've been using lots of medications. I would like to know the following: the ingredients in your product and is it an astringent or medication or what? Is it a face wash or do you wash your face and then put it on?

It's a treatment that is used like a cleanser. It is used once a day. It really makes your skin feel wonderful. And many, many report wonderful results for acne, and many other skin problems.

Does this work on acne scars?

We've had some people swear it does. It tends to soften the skin and make it more supple. When used along with our natural soap, pores seem to shrink, but deep scars are usually permanent. Our focus is to help get acne under control.


I am 16 and I have tried all medications prescribed, I am still suffering from frequent breakouts, which I can't stand, I am 16 and I want this to go away, does it really work or is it depend on your SKIN TYPE, just tell me if it will work, I've seen so many of these kinds of companies and all they are is a joke?

Our product doesn't dry your skin like almost all other acne products. In fact, most report their skin settles down and stops producing too much oil. Those with dry skin and acne, won't find their skin any drier, but most comment it is easy to control their dryness with a moisturizer.

But what about combination skin?

If you suffer from dry spots or razor burn areas, often a small amount of Jojoba oil (most health food stores carry this) rubbed on these spots will solve this irritable area.


I am an adult acne sufferer. The older I get the worse it gets. I have an almost chronic case of cystic acne that nothing helps. It is so ugly and painful! I have used almost every over the counter medication, and have seen more than one dermatologist. I have been on lots of antibiotics and other prescription medications with no permanent results. My dermatologist suggests accutane - but I am terrified to go on this medication because I am 28, married, mother of 2 - and an unplanned pregnancy while on this medication would be devastating. (Not to mention how expensive it is). My question is this, How successful is this product with cystic acne? I see lots of positive feedback and comments, but cystic acne seems to be much more difficult to treat than other types of acne. Do you have any comments from those specifically with cystic acne?

Cystic acne is acne that stays below the surface. Many times taking weeks or even months to go away. We've had great success with Cystic and Nodule type acne. But we have found that mostly these serious forms of acne are a combination of regular bacteria formed acne and allergies. So we recommend trying a free bar of our Natural soap (1st order only).



"I have had acne my entire adult life. It is a miserable thing to have zits when you are 47 years old--especially when you are the first face anyone sees in your office. I am an administrative assistant for our local government Human Rights agency and I am in the public eye constantly. Some days I just want to wear a paper bag over my head--I spend at least 3 weeks of every month with reddened, swollen bumps covering my chin and nose. Makeup just covers so much, and I tired of dabbing thick cover over each new swollen, red lump or postule. You know, that stuff just does not work.

I've done the Retinol--I ended up with bright red skin, which remained clear for about 3 weeks. My doctor said it obviously wasn't working (duh) and offered antibiotics, which I refused. I then tried several "boutique" treatments--Clinique, Avon, and finally a product called Roseacea-III which caused me to break out in pus pockets!!!

I believe the first week of September I bought a bottle of Clear and Smooth, and started using it in the morning on my face, and in the evening on my face and back (exercise acne) and the backs of my upper arms where little red bumps appear. It is the last week of September, and my face is CLEAR. Redness is fading fast, and I have NO under-skin bumps. My back has been zit free nearly since the day I started using your lotion, and my upper arms are smooth. I followed your instructions for sensitive facial skin, as I have that problem, and find it gives excellent results."



Sorry to confide in you like this, but I have very, very oily skin. And it makes my face, my neck, and my back break out in acne. Can I use this for my neck and even maybe my back?

Yes we've had wonderful success. Since the skin on the face is much thinner, body acne can also be treated, by just applying our product with a little more scrubbing. Just follow directions we include with product.






Your Treatment and Soap are great! My skin is smooth and soft, with no blemishes. THANK YOU!!
- Daniel


Isn't this all hype? I bet you make up those testimonials!

Yes we could probably make up the testimonials, but how do you explain the feedbacks on eBay? No way to fake almost 10,000 feedbacks. NO WAY! Our integrity is really all we have. Besides, we need repeat business to make this company successful (as with any successful business). With an unconditional, no time limit money back guarantee, it would make no sense to lie about anything anyway. We make one promise to you. Never do we make any changes to the testimonials we reprint in any way. We won't even correct spelling. We don't reprint their last names, but they are on file in our offices.





I've tried everything, and NOTHING has ever worked this good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
- eBay feedback posted July 10, 2002


How come none of the big companies have come up with this?

Because so many have focused on drying the skin as the solution to acne. But what your skin does when dried out, is just produce more oil. We found lowering the irritation, helping the skin to heal itself was the key. We accidentally came upon a crude formulation that seemed to help somewhat. And we just kept improving it. We tried 100's of different combinations. and we believe we have it. There are 27 ingredients that all work in concert to produce for many people remarkable results.

OK, then why can't someone just copy what you guys have done?

We do show you the ingredients. But percentages and how we put it all together, is the real TRADE SECRET. There are infinite possibilities. All that's involved with specific temperatures, mixing and grinding methods. We use absolutely the finest ingredients money can buy. Many we have to import.

Hello, I was interested in your product, however, I didn't see in your description if money can be refunded if results fail. Maybe I just looked over it. Anyway, that is what wanted to know. Any answers will be appreciated. thank you.

It's easy, there are no time limits for you to decide if this is for you. We will even refund your original s&h costs. No other catches either.





This is my 2nd order and my two teen girls love this stuff. I will be ordering it often. Hope you keep selling it on eBay.

Does that clean and smooth stuff really work? and how long before you see results?

For many, many people, YES it really works. We often get notes after the first use how great their skin feels. Sort of a new kind of clean feeling is the way many of them describe it. I've had people tell me they've seen tremendous results in just a few days. Others tell us 3 or 4 weeks. Some take as long as 6 weeks. We'd like you to use the whole bottle before deciding if this is for you. All this depends on what you've been using on your skin and how closely you follow directions.





My mother wanted me to let you know that she has tried many acne treatments even prescription ones, and your product is the best. She has received many compliments on how good her "makeup" looks and she tells them it is not the makeup it is what she washes her face with!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
- Debora

I have some acne on my cheeks...and they're really not that horrible, but I really did lose all the confidence that I had. I am going to be a senior in high school, and I started breaking out in the middle of sophomore year. I am pretty sure it's due to stress or lack of sleep. I really hope this will work because I want to be able to go to prom pimple-free! Here are my questions:

1) are there any side effects?

No known side effects except a small percentage are allergic and may break out in a rash. Rash will go away on it's own. But many can continue to use this product by just washing with soap and water after using.

2) will my pimples come back if I stop using this product??

There is no known 'cure' for acne. Except outgrowing it. Stop using and your skin will return to what it was like before. That's why we make it so affordable. Most people get 2 to 3 months out of a big 16 ounce bottle.





Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Clear & Smooth - I've been using it a little over 3 weeks now, and I swear, my skin is in better shape now than it's been since pre-puberty. My sister was so impressed with the improvement in my skin, she had me order a bottle for her, too. I am so happy to have finally found a product that actually does what it says - it has FAR exceeded my expectations, (and I've tried practically everything on the market in the last 25 years...) Thank you, THANK YOU, and please - give whomever came up with this formula a big fat kiss on the lips from me!!!

I talked to my mom about this product and I showed her all the testimonials. She still does not want me to try it because she said it's DANGEROUS. I am thinking that I should try a bottle, and if this doesn't work, may be I'll try going to the dermatologist.

There are no prescription strength medicines in this product. We're not aware of any serious side effects. Yes we hear from a lot of our customers, that their whole view of life has changed. Their confidence has zoomed and they love their new appearance. AND they like being noticed, now.





Hi, In January of this year I ordered your product for my son. You had great fast & friendly service. Now my son is telling me he needs more. He said it works better than anything else he has tried. I would like to order more, but do I have to go through ebay? He needs it as soon as possible. Please contact me and I will place an order.
- Diana 6/4/2002

I use salac facial wash which contains salicylic acid and I was wondering if there would be any side effects from using salac and your cleanser and what would be the best way to use them together?

My guess is you wouldn't be looking at our product, if you were happy with your product. We often get into problems with medicines by combining them. Same thing for skin and acne products. I have seen people smear 4 or 5 different products on their face, desperately trying to get their face clear before a big event. Instead their face looks worse, than if they'd used nothing. Since our product employs exfoliates to open up the pores and allow Benzoyl Peroxide in to control the acne causing bacteria, it also allows any other acne treatments into the skin, which CAN cause a reaction. We ask people to start out with just this product (unless you are on a prescription). That way you can intelligently decide if this product is working (many people only need this product). If you add something in later and get a reaction then you'll know what is causing it. We designed this product as a one application product. In fact we believe topical smears (ointments) actually block the pores and cause acne. Besides when you have clear skin in a few weeks with our product, why don't you test the guarantees of all those other products and RETURN THOSE PRODUCTS FOR A FULL REFUND? Yes why not return them all?











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