Green Statement

Since it is so important to talk about being green now, in the past we have always avoided mentioning what we do in this arena. Seemed like bragging to me. But I heard that a Coal company is going green now, so it must be ok. lol

As you can imagine, we use a lot of hot water. We have a solar hot water system to heat our water. This is free hot water! We're in Florida. The sun shines all the time. It's a no-brainer. Plus whenever possible we schedule cleaning to coincide with the sun. 

We sometimes use recycled peanuts and foam for shipping. Mostly though, we use recycled newsprint for void fill. When manufacturers ship us supplies we reuse their shipping void fill. We can't always be certain they are using recycle shipping material. 

Rather than buying distilled water for our products(a very wasteful way of filtering water), we filter our own reverse Osmosis purified water. We use the runoff waste water to water our landscape. 

We use Florescent light bulbs everywhere. Again this can save a good bit of energy over the years.

We recycle and limit our water usage. I have an eagle eye for saving energy (and that is money), so we can keep our products affordable. 
Steve Wills



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