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Here I was in my late 40's and STILL suffering with acne (large painful cysts), plus I had 2 early teens really starting to need something. I kept thinking "when am I going to grow out of this?" My daughter had a real bad case and with high school and boys and all that, the pressure was on.

We were spending hundreds of dollars a year on expensive (high end) acne treatments we bought over TV. I started looking around for a low cost alternative. There were a bunch of over the counter treatments. But none really worked well. We tried several of the HIGH-END treatments and found some success with a couple of them. But we felt like we were hooked. What was clear skin worth to my family? Three people using these products adds up to some serious money over a year's time. My daughter Carley was truly suffering though and how could I put a price on that? Plus my job had me face to face with people everyday. I had to look my best. My income depended on it. A large red painful boil on my nose kept coming back every time I stopped using these HIGH-END treatments.

I had some chemistry in my background. So I started experimenting. I was looking for a "one-step" cleanser, so I didn't have to mess around with all those "stay-on-the-skin" products. After many, many attempts, I felt I was getting close. First thought was just to have something for my family. But at this point I started thinking maybe I could market this?!?! So I decided to invest some 'real money' (I may be cheap, but I'm not stupid) in this.


Through some referrals I was able to work with a professional chemist on a contract basis. He helped me develop the final production steps. We were concerned about shelf life (in a hot shower) and production consistency and other technical issues. Plus finding a bottler who would do small runs to begin with. But I felt it still wasn't quite good enough. Plus we had to come up with a name.

I starting working with another specialist in natural ingredients. Having a skeptical nature, I really wasn't sold on these natural ingredients at that time, but somehow we came up with a special balance of totally unique ingredients. The first time I tried it, I couldn't believe how soft and smooth my face felt! I knew we were onto something special!!! In fact that's how we came up with the name Clear & Smooth. The name described what it did. And a tribute to my daughter Carley who inspired me.

At this point we had a product that worked well on our friends and their friends and our family (they were my Guinea pigs, since we don't use animals to test).

But would it work for others?

In October of 1999, we started selling a few bottles on eBay. The great thing about eBay is their feedback forum (you can still read those early feedbacks, we are clearandsmooth on ebay). We soon found a whole lot of others were raving about our product too. It sold fast and soon we were topics of discussion on skin care forums and we were shipping all over the world.

We found it was important to maintain contact with our customers. Email us at info@clearandsmoothskin.com and you'll get a personal response. I promise. Usually within a few hours.

A few years ago we introduced a line of moisturizers and Natural soap to compliment our treatment. More products to come.

Can you tell? We love what we do! Helping others.

Steve Wills

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