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Carley's Anti-Aging Exfoliant

  • 8oz jar of Carley's exfoliant
  • Smooths and softens and eliminates wrinkles
  • Energizes your skin to produce new skin cells
  • Evens skin tones
  • Comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap
    One question we have had over and over is "why don't you make a skin treatment, exfoliant, for those without acne?" 


Clear & Smooth has an interesting side effect.  It make the skin look younger. So with that in mind, we have created a similar once a day (or twice if you like) exfoliant to smooth and hold off the wrinkles.

Isn't exfoliating hard on your skin? I have been exfoliating daily since 1999. Rather than wearing away my skin, as some believe. My skin is soft, smooth and healthy and for someone born in 1950 virtually wrinkle free. My 65 year old sister is also getting similar results. Very smooth skin. Some famous people claim exfoliating is the secret to their youthful looks.

Aren't there a lot of exfoliants and scrubs on the market? Yes. The problem is as we examined what was on the market. Scrubs and exfoliants are loaded with all sort of undesirable chemicals (silicones, animal by-products, parabens) and artificial soaps (SLS).

But aren't the peels doctors do and most moisturizers on the market acidic? Yes, it is a fad right now to use acidic products on the skin. Some vitamin C creams have a very acidic pH. We don't believe any acidic cream or scrub improves your skin's health. In fact, we believe acids work against the health of the skin. I know, no one in the industry believes this, but acids are....well acids. Strong enough they can burn the skin. Your skin is slightly acidic naturally. This is determined by your blood stream's pH. Bacteria prefer to grow in a slightly to mildly acidic solution. We believe use of acids encourage bacteria growth. Our treatment is pH neutral and gentle to use. Smooth & Clarify helps your skin to immediately feel wonderful.

What about those that claim that your skin should never be scrubbed or exfoliated? We believe they are wrong. When you protect your skin and shelter it. Your skin starts to age faster. We call this the 'Turtle Shell Effect'. Turtles grow very slowly. And they're shells protect them against the elements. When you don't exercise your skin and remove dead skin cells and embedded dirt particles your skin goes into a turtle shell mode. The growth slows down. New skin is healthy skin. Old skin cells needs to move out of the way to make way for the new skin cells. What do you want your skin to look like? Smooth, soft with fresh new skin cells near the surface or a wrinkled up old turtle shell?

How do you use Smooth & Clarify? Once a day or as often as you like (some do it 2 or three times a week). Over the sink of you like. Just wet your skin and pump a small amount into the palm of your hand and scrub your face and any other area you like. 30 seconds to a minute. Rinse. We've found in testing those with dry skin need to do nothing more than rinse. Those with oily skin might like to use our natural soap afterwards. Which also feels wonderful. A free bar comes with each bottle.

Just your face? This is an excellent body scrub too. Any area of your body that is rough in texture needs exfoliating.

How does the skin feel? We often get emails immediately after people use our products the first time amazed at how wonderful their skin feels.

You say clarify? This treatment helps your skin improve the evenness of your skin tone. The exfoliant temporarily opens your pores, and we use a dozen natural botanicals that are instantly absorbed into your skin to help the health of your skin.

Reduce pore size? Does this too. This is an important part of a healthy looking skin is smaller pores. 

Why does this treatment work so well? It's all about the ingredients we use. Nothing but the finest. Real natural Shea butter instead of the over-processed kind most companies use. Precious oils like Golden Jojoba, Kukui and Hemp. See detailed ingredients below. These valuable Botanicals help replace missing nutrients in your skin. No fillers. No long named unpronounceable ingredients.

What ingredients don't you use? No animal by-products, no paraben preservatives, no silicones(dimethicones), no mystery long named unpronounceable ingredients, no sulfas, no algin or sea kelp (weed) thickeners-which contain sulfa (a pollutant), and no artificial soaps(SLS). No fake ingredients either that the body cannot use through the skin. We call these 'Label Candy'. Ingredients like White Willow Bark and Glucosamine can't be accessed though the skin. Some companies will just put anything on the label if it sounds good. No phony extracts either. Extracts are the ultimate way of making you think a product is good for you. Extracts typically are 99% something else. We use only one extract. Elder Flower for it's incredible healing powers. And we have to extract it ourselves to get it pure enough. Because the Elder Flower extracts on the market are so watered down.

What we've done is put together these ingredients in precise mixture that, along with cleansing, removes dead skin cells and embedded dirt particles, greatly increases the speed of the skin's growth.  Slower the skin grows the older it looks.

Why not Microdermabrasion? This is a popular form of exfoliating being done in spas and even home treatments. There are some machines spas use that literally grind the Stratum Corneum (dead outermost surface of the skin). This can be good for the skin, since it encourages new skin growth, but very expensive and quite frankly the lotions they use during and afterwards are too acidic.

Aren't there too many oils? Will it clog my pores? No the opposite is true. These oils are natural botanicals. Each contain certain nutrients your body is likely missing. To keep from this being too oily we BALANCE these oils with natural soaps which are drying by their very nature. A perfect blend.

How is this made? Expiration date?  This product is made and shipped fresh in 100 gallon stainless steel containers under the strictest quality control and temperature controlled settings. There are several steps and can take a week or more to make. Since Smooth & Clarify  is not sold in stores, it is shipped directly to you fresh. Therefore, we can use less preservatives and give you a better product. Most products for the skin that you buy in the stores were made years ago and have an expiration date years from now. They are anything but fresh. Closer to mummified, if you ask me. Our products were made less than 2 months before you receive them and come with a short one year shelf life. Enjoy! 

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water.When looking at other skin care products I always want to know how the water they use is purified(if at all). Is it filtered? How small a filter? Ozonated? Often the devil is in the details. We use only Reverse Osmosis purified water. Reverse Osmosis purified water is the gold standard for being clean and pure. So if we are talking microscopic differences why is it important? Reverse Osmosis water, we've found, works better than any other water to maximize the potential of the precious ingredients we use. It's expensive, but we believe anything else is purely just cutting corners.

True natural soap (saponified coconut, olive and corn oils) no artificial soaps or fake natural soaps like coco-betaine. This is true natural soap we make ourselves to cleanse your skin. 

Walnut shell powder. We use English walnut shells for gentle removal of dead skin cells. American walnut shells tend to be too abrasive. 

Shea Butter. This comes in big 50 pound clay shells directly from West Africa. We use only golden natural Shea butter, since highly refined (white in color) versions are often processed with hexane or other chemicals. You can feel good about using this Shea since it help support the native women of Africa who collect the seeds and make it.   

Glycerin. Vegetable sourced.  

Broccoli Sprout Extract. Broccoli Sprouts are probably one of, if not the most healthy foods to consume. But there has been some interesting lab research showing Broccoli Sprout Extracts when applied to the skin help the skin avoid cancer from excess UV exposure. This isn't a sunscreen, but seems to help the skin recover from too much sun exposure. So what's in it? Sulforaphane Vitamins A, B, C, E and K Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Antioxidants, Protein. All good stuff for the skin that your skin might be missing. We also use this in our Regeneration Anti-aging Cream.

Stearic Acid Vegetable sourced wax adds firmness and creaminess

Cetyl Alcohol -comes as a powder. it is an emollient, and carrying agent. Not to be confused with a grain alcohol or rubbing alcohol.

XANTHAN GUM vegetable sourced thickener

Emulsifying Wax Vegetable sourced this binds oil and water together.

Corn Meal: we could use a chemical to do this job of helping ingredients mix properly in the manufacturing process, as most products do. But why not use something natural? Yes this is just plain old ground corn meal.

Jojoba oil. Not s true oil, but actually a wax, it is closer to the skin's natural emollients.

Kukui Nut Oil. We use only the Hawaiian version and at about $150 a gallon, no cheap filler here. Really adds to the feel of this product.

Elderflower Extract. As mentioned above, we extract our own, to get the proper strength. In the 1800's this was a commonly used plant for all types of skin problems. Still damn good stuff when used in the proper concentrations.

Pomegranate Seed Oil  Very Expensive and very powerful anti-aging qualities.

Argan Oil. Also known as Moroccan Seed oil. Again a very powerful anti-aging and repair oil. Derived from rare trees grown in Morocco. Very expensive oil. 

Hemp Seed Oil. (Cannabis sativa) OK, relax you can't get high. This is one of the more effective skin-care oils with a wonderful nutty smell. Hemp seed oil is derived from the seed of the plant Cannabis sativa, best known as the marijuana plant, and least known for its many productive uses. Hemp seed oil has none of the intoxicating properties of the leaves. Since hemp cannot be legally grown in the U.S., the supply of its oil is low and the price high. Hemp seeds produce a vegetable oil that is high in protein and can be used within a variety of foods and cosmetics. Alpha linolenic, linoleic and oleic acids–the essential fatty acids known as the omegas–make up 88% of the total fatty-acid content. Its moisturizing properties are absolutely magical. It adds important qualities that other oils are missing. Again, not a cheap product. This is not a filler.

Chamomile Powder  (Chamomilla recutita) Rather than use a useless extract here, this is a powder and a powerful herb for skin healing, this helps reduce redness. This is another very important ingredient

Rooibos Tea: An African tea containing many important nutrients. 

Aloe Vera. Skin softening and healing properties.

Sodium Citrate. Derived from citric acid is a preservative.

Naturally adjusted pH to 7

Germall Plus® (diazolidinyl urea iodopropynyl butylcarbamate -sorry can't get away from using this long name ingredient, you're safety is paramount)  : This is an all vegetable derived non-paraben based preservative. Be careful using any product that doesn't use an effective preservative. Germall Plus® is effective at 2/10ths of one percent. Yet extremely safe to use.
Since we only use natural essences, we only need a tiny amount.


Natural Essences of Sweet Orange Oil, French Lavender oil (we use the best), Ylang Ylang, Bergamont, Rosemary, Sandalwood and Jasmine.

Most products use FRAGRANCES. We don't. They are 95% derived from petroleum.


Average Rating: 5 5 of 5 Stars!

Carley's Anti-Aging Exfoliant $19.99

Current Reviews: 9 Average Rating: 5 5 of 5 Stars!

by Elizabeth from Miami Gardens
Date Added: 02/15/2018
I received this as a sample, and immediately went to try it. At first, I was a bit afraid because the Original and Kick A** make my face burn really bad after I use it. But to my surprise, this one was very, very gentle and it smells divine! I've been using it for about a week now, and I am already starting to see results. I feel like this one actually works better for me than the scrubs meant for acne. I use the scrub every other day, because my skin is sensitive. But I cannot say how much I love this scrub! It is gentle, smells great, and along with the oatmeal soap, it leaves my skin feeling clean and very, VERY smooth! I am IN LOVE with Carley's products! I am excited to receive everything I ordered from them recently! Thank you, Steve, for making products that FINALLY work! God bless! :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Ambrosia from Zeeland
Date Added: 05/26/2017
Loooooove this!!! A friend of my ne actually hit me hooked on Carley's by linking this and the saffron butter moisturizer in an email saying how she loves this stuff. So I went ahead and ordered it after receiving it as a sample....soooooo glad I ordered the full size because I cannot explain how much I love this!!! Love be everything about it..the feel if it, the smell, the way it makes my skin feel and especially since it's anti aging!!! What more could you ask for?!?! Another amazing product from Carley's!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Crystal from San Jose
Date Added: 03/09/2017
Love this product. Originally used proactiv years ago for acne, and switched to Carley's for acne. Found it better and more affordable. As my skin has matured over the years, Carley's product has with me. I love the anti-aging formula without the acne fighting product in it, as I no longer need that, but still appreciate the glow I get from the exfoliation. Thank you for such a great product!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by bonnie from saint louis
Date Added: 07/05/2015
I love that I can scrub my whole face with this, and there is nothing in it to burn me. I don't have to be careful of my eyes, etc. This is great stuff. Only bad thing is, I still have to use the acne scrub, because I am anti-aging and fighting acne, a terrible state to be in.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Kasey from Englewood
Date Added: 02/11/2014
Awesome stuff! I'm 29 years old and have been using this for a year or so now. It has helped my acne better than the acne scrub. People think I'm in my early 20's. Ha! This is great for helping battle aging from the dry Colorado climate.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Sarah from Vernon
Date Added: 08/27/2013
I have been washing my face with carley's natural soap and with carley's original formula acne wash for about 10 years, along with moisturizing my skin with the regeneration cream. These are the only products I trust to come near my skin, as I break out so easily and get weird skin reactions with any other products. I received a free sample of the anti-aging exfoliant with my last order and figured that I should just try it. I'm so glad I did! While using it, I feel like I am getting a facial at a spa, and it is very gentle. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I have not had any breakouts or skin reactions to it. Only very smooth and soft skin and a more even skin tone! I love this stuff and will be ordering a larger bottle soon!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Margie from Mt. Pleasant
Date Added: 01/23/2013
This takes off the dead skin cells and smoothes out fine lines.. My skin is soft and smooth!! I like to use Carley's natural soap after I use this. Super!!! Love my baby soft skin. No breakouts..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Karen Irizarry
Date Added: 03/24/2012
I love this product! I use it daily to keep my skin soft and luminous. It is extremely gentle but does a great job removing dead skin and dry spots. It rinses away clearly leaving your skin soft and supple. I highly recommend it!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by VickyAnn
Date Added: 04/28/2011
Love it, love it, love it, where have you been all my life? I'll be back, thanks

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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