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Dry Damaged Skin? Saffron Butter Cream Moisturizer.

Carley's  Saffron Butter Cream Moisturizer


Real help for your Dry Skin


We use the best: 'The Gathering of Saffron' Brand Spanish Saffron ($1290 a pound)

Comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap



  • For dry to very dry skin 

  • You can use on oily skin but if you use a lot, it takes forever to absorb

  • This is an All Butter Cream. Three premium butters.

  • Slowly absorbs into your skin

  • Silicone Free and pH neutral.

  • Repair dry damaged skin. 

  • It's pretty well known Carotenoids prevent free radical reactions

  • Saffron is loaded with Carotenoids: Zea-xanthin, Lycopene, Alpha and Beta Carotene

  • The color is golden yellow. We never use artificial dyes. Saffron colors this cream (we use a lot of Saffron).

  • The antifungal content of saffron reportedly helps with the treatment of acne. We'll keep you posted on that.

  • Saffron brightens dull skin and gives a luminous complexion

  • The scent is Vanilla Absolute and Blood Orange essential oil.

  • All vegetable ingredients. We never test on animals. But if we did, they would love it!




When most people think of the worlds most expensive spice, Saffron ($1290 a pound), we think of cooking. Saffron comes from a part of a flower. The Crocus Sativus plant. Difficult to grow and to harvest, hence the high price. Saffron does add wonderful flavors to our food. Here in the USA, Saffron is not  known as for it's skin benefits. Saffron is especially good for dry damaged skin. We have been itching to use some new butters we have been testing. Namely Illipe butter from Borneo. Sal Butter from  India and Mowrah Butter from India as well. Usually we use Jojoba, which speeds up absorption. We skipped the jojoba on this time. We wanted this cream to sit on the skin's surface for a while. And then absorb.



 What's in it? (in order of prominence)

Spanish Saffron (Crocus Sativus) Steeped in Reverse Osmosis Purified Water: Virtually all skin care products 'say' they use purified water. But the real deal is reverse osmosis purified water. This mean ZERO contaminants which means the starting point is pure. It's expensive to do (goes through 5 filters, which have to be changed often), but it is the only water we use. We use the waste water from this purifying process to water our flowers and landscaping. So there is no waste. Don't some products use distilled water? Yes but distilled water is environmentally expensive to make (heat is used to boil the dirty water and stream is collected). The problem we have with distilled water is it has a lower pH due to the extra ions added during the process. We prefer to work with pH neutral water. To me there is no more perfect water than R-O water. I remember the 1st time we made soap with it. As we poured the soap is was so creamy! It looked like home made ice cream right before it gets solid. It's one of our special secrets to how good our products are. Again, no one does this.



Illipe Butter (Shorea Stenoptera): This butter comes from Borneo. It is a premium butter renown for it's healing properties. Each natural Butter has it's own unique nutrient profile. Our skin can absorb these nutrients and use them. Natures little gift to us.



Sal Butter: (shorea robusta) tree natively found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma. We use unrefined cold pressed sal butter. Sal Butter has, excellent moisturizing skin properties that provides long lasting flexibility to skin, reduces degeneration of skin cells, softens rough skin (like feet, hands, elbows and knees), helps prevent chapping skin from cold weather.
Sal butter is gentle on the skin, slows down moisture loss, increases softness of the skin and easily absorbs into the skin. Excellent for those of us with extremely dry parched skin.



Mowrah butter (Bassia Latifolia) Mowrah Butter is obtained from the fruit of the Indian tree (Madhuca Latifolia). Mowrah butter is known to prevent drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility. All good things for your skin.



BTMS (Behentrimonium Methosulfate Cetearyl Alcohol)This is a vegetable wax that is used to combine the oils and water.



Glycerin (vegetable). What skin care product doesn't benefit from Glycerin? Problem is most store bought and even high end moisturizers often use animal derived Glycerin. You don't even want to know how they make this glycerin. Unless the label specifically says vegetable, it is almost always animal derived. Yuck!



D-Panthenol (2%) Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is present in all living cells in the form of Pantothenic acid which is a constituent of Co-enzyme A. A deficiency in Pantothenic acid results in dermatological and many physiological disorders. It is used in many hair care products but also is easily absorbed by the skin. Well known for it's anti-inflammatory properties for professional skin care formulations where it also acts as a powerful redness reducer even when used at only 1.0%. Hmmmmm, redness reducer? Anti-inflammatory? Problem is... it is kind of expensive. At $15 a pound, manufacturers either don't use it, or use just barely enough to put it on the label. We use the full 2% considered maximum usage. That's a lot.



Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (vegetable) this is a waxy vegetable ingredient used to give the moisturizers a bit of heft and contact feel.



Germall Plus (6/10's of 1%) (diazolidinyl Urea, 3-Iodo-2-propylbutylcarbarmate) (a vegetable derived preservative to keep our product fresh) only needs 4/10's of one percent to keep our product safe. Look before you ask, no totally natural preservative really protects products from bacteria. We don't like using Parabens. And since we pH balance our moisturizers we are limited in our choice of preservatives. What's great about this one is so little is needed to afford protection.



Vanilla Absolute and Blood Orange essential Oil. I think I really like this combination. Keep in mind we needed to use essential oils that blend this with the natural scent of the saffron. I think this really works.



Best if used within one year of receipt. I'll bet no skin care product you have bought from a store was made within the last year. Most of the products on store shelves, were made years ago. We find we can better control our quality if we make products as they are used. Fresh just makes for better skin care products. Our families all use our products. We only sell what we would use.



pH neutral: And why is this important? Although we use ingredients that have an acid pH, the finished moisturizer is pH neutral, like all of our moisturizers. We believe the skin is actually stressed by acids. Virtually all moisturizers on the market are acid. We wondered why? If acids are so good for the skin as these products claim, why does it feel so good to take a swim in the ocean? Ocean water pH is very much the opposite of acid. Slightly alkaline. Why is it recommended to keep swimming pool water slightly alkaline? There is a whole line of thinking now that promotes alkalines. We believe the skin and all of nature loves alkaline and hates acids. If the ocean were to all of a sudden become slightly acid, mostly it would be a dead body of water. Forget this nonsense of the 'acid mantle'. Our bodies when healthy, are pH neutral to slightly alkaline.



No animal ingredients or testing EVER! We also get assurances from our suppliers that all of our raw ingredients are not animal derived or any animal testing done there either.



Most skin care products you buy to use today, were made in large factories years ago and have been in storage. Everything we ship was made in small batches within a few weeks of shipping. Fresh matters!  Quality ingredients matter!



Most of our ingredients are as close to natural as possible. We avoid overly processed ingredients. Processing means heat and that destroys the goodness in these precious ingredients we use.



We also include a free FULL SIZE bar of our Natural shea butter non-drying soap with each jar. An $8.00 value if purchases singly. This Natural soap has to be tried to be believed. It is nothing short of wonderful.



How much? $24.99 for 4 Fl. Oz. (118 mL). Free USA shipping.


Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment is Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.


Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.

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Average Rating: 5 5 of 5 Stars!

Dry Damaged Skin? Saffron Butter Cream Moisturizer. $23.99

Current Reviews: 2 Average Rating: 5 5 of 5 Stars!

by Ambrosia from Zeeland
Date Added: 05/26/2017
Received this as a sample and was so happy when I did because a friend of my e recommended it and said it was always be of her favorites along with the anti aging exfoliant cleanser!!! The texture is so creamy and thick... skin have super dry skin in the winter so I didn't order a full size right off the bat because we are going into summer...but since I got it as a sample, I was elated to try it!!!! Smells awesome....slightly like creamsicle!! It definitely made my skin feel super hydrated but in a weird non greasy way like most heavy moisturizers! Carley's days a phenomenonal job with their moisturizers n that they absorb quickly and don't leave that nasty heavy feeling on top of your skin like regular moisturizers!!! Another home run!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Ginbella from New Rochelle
Date Added: 02/12/2017
I am SHOCKED there aren't more reviews (testimonies) on this moisturizer. I've used this on and off mainly at night. I use this in the summer once a month at night after face steaming to balance back out my natural oils and also winter nights sporadically. Yes, I am now getting older and I noticed that my skin is getting a bit drier especially now in the winter months. I was using the Anti-Aging Acne fighting moisturizer this is my main go to moisturizer, then I noticed I as not getting the hydration that I'm use to getting. I then went on the Rose moisturizer which is for dryer skin that got me a bit more hydrated but skin was sucking it up like a thirsty sponge. I remember that I had a bit of this Saphron moisturizer in my refrigerator so I said let me try this on because it is for very dry skin. I put it on that night and the next day my face was hydrated and dewy it looked so refreshed and well rested,not to mention bright and glowy. I was reluctant to use it in the day fearing it would be too heavy but boy was I wrong, it brought my skin to a whole other level. This keep my skin looking model type all day. I have been using this ever since day and night; in this harsh winter weather. I'm so happy that this company makes moisturizers for all skin types THAT WORKS. I will eventually go back to to my regular Carley Clear & Smooth moisturizer when it gets warmer but for now this one is really helping me in this harsh weather. I am urging you if you have dry and damage skin this is your antidote...give this one a try.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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